Biot: Is known for its unique pottery, verre rustique. Since the 1940s, artisan glassmakers here have been creating this bubble-flecked glass in brilliant colours like cobalt and emerald. They're collector's items but sold at affordable prices on home turf. The Verreries de Biot is the oldest, most famous, and most frequently visited outlet. A half-dozen others are within a short distance of the town. Arrive at this shop on any day except Sunday, and see the glassmakers.

Musée National Fernand-Léger Biot: This museum was built by Léger's widow, Nadia, after his death in 1955, and it became one of the first in France dedicated to a single artist.

It owns some 300 of Léger's highly original works - robotlike figures, girders, machines, cogs, and cubes.The museum allows you to witness how he changed over the years, dabbling first in Impressionism, as shown by his 1905 Portrait de l'oncle.

Mougins: Only 8km away, the once-fortified town of Mougins is a thousand years old. Picasso, who could afford to live anywhere, chose a place nearby, Notre-Dame-de-Vie, to spend his last years. The wonderful old town is known for its cuisine, and Roger Vergé’s successor, Alain Llorca, reigns supreme at his elegant Le Moulin de Mougins (04 93 75 78 24)

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